A Belle Estate Sale  conducts estate  and liquidation sales throughout Houston and surrounding areas. With dozens of  estate sale companies to choose from we understand the necessity to stand out and above these other companies in what we offer our clients.

We offer a free and face to face consultation

Now, most companies offer a free consultation. What sets us apart is we take great care to make the estate sale process transparent for our clients. When we meet our clients, we take the time to educate our clients in the process, informing them of ways to maximize the proceeds of their sale and explaining exactly how A Belle Estate Sale prices, stages and markets the sale. Feel Free to give us a call at any time at (832) 460-4120 or Click Here and fill out the information and we will contact you by phone or email which ever you prefer.


We do not Rush the pricing process

A Belle Estate Sale employs 4-5 trusted and proven researchers who take extreme care to accurately price items, balancing the need to liquidate with the goal of making the most money for your items. Very few of our competition itemize items for sale. Receiving a list of your items to be sold is a MUST and we take the time to itemize all items of value.

Cleaning and Staging

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of cleaning and staging your items for sale. Time and again we have shopped other estate sales and find that items were simply placed about, creating more of a hoarding look instead of placing the items in manner that would create a “show place.” We aim to have each of our sales look professional and beautiful so that people are happy to purchase items from the sale. Successful home interior stores stage and so do we!!!

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing… Unlike any other

Our marketing does not only consist of placing ads in the places every other estate sale company utilizes. Estate sales are becoming more popular and as such an aggressive approach to marketing is necessary. A Belle Estate Sale utilizes its 10,000+ email list of buyers who follow our sales, market your pictures on Facebook, EstateSales.net, EstateSales.com, EstateSales.org, Instagram and of course our website along with a few other marketing avenues.

We cut your check within 7 days of the final sale day!!!

We guarantee we will cut you a check within 7 business days of your sale, pending any checks (if you choose to allow us to accept them) or credit card purchases that have not cleared.

To set up a FREE consultation give us a call at  (832) 460-4120 or Click here and fill out the information and we will give you a call or send you an email depending on which you prefer.