A Belle Estate Sale aims for transparency and as such takes the time to inform our client of the facts of estate sales and estate liquidations. Planning an estate sale can be an emotional experience, whether you are an empty-nester downsizing your possessions or an heir selling the contents of your parents’ estate. Remember: you are not alone. This webpage can be used as a “how to” for hiring an estate sale company:

Are all Legal Matters tended to?

Make sure you have the legal right to sell the contents of the home and have supporting documentation available when you schedule your consultation.

Now what?

Holding an estate sale requires significantly more planning than holding a garage sale and if you have a large enough estate, you will want to hire an estate-sales firm. The primary goal of the estate-sales company is to generate the most money possible from the proceeds of the sale. Your primary goal: To find someone who is the most professional and trustworthy.

What do you keep and sell?

EVERYTHING!!! We cannot stress enough that our buyers buy EVERYTHING such as paper, postcards, paperclips and matches Think about it this way, if you or your family member purchased it, it is highly likely someone else would as well If you throw

What are the functions of a professional estate sale company?

We will help you plan the dates and duration for the estate sale – usually held for a three period over Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We handle all promotions, prepare all items for sale, put up signage, and conduct all aspects of the sale. We account for the net proceeds of the sale in order to write you a check at the sale’s conclusion. You should not have to front any money withstanding any exceptional services, agreed to in advance.

We must take a significant amount of time and effort to prepare the estate and its items for the big event. We:

Should you be there for the sale?

A general rule: Stay away from the home during the set-up and during the sale. It may be emotionally difficult to witness family heirlooms and belongings carried off by strangers. Remember that buyers have no relationship to the deceased, or your belongings; their actions and questions may seem callous and disrespectful. Nevertheless, ask yourself how emotional will you be. You would be better off missing the sale entirely, stopping in periodically.

What should you expect after the sale?

Even when items are priced and discounted appropriately as the sale moves into its last day, some merchandise will inevitably remain unsold after the sale. We can arrange several different methods for dealing with remaining items including organizing the items for donation to a charity if that is what you choose.